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Mesin Giling Padi MKV-M71ADI
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Jual Mesin Giling Padi MKV-M71ADI

Spesifikasi Mesin Giling Padi MKV-M71ADI

Mesin Giling Padi

Spesifikasi :
Ukuran :
Panjang : 366
Lebar : 295
Tinggi : 480
The machine is constituted by a husker, a wind turbine, a rice polisher, transmission and controlling components as well as other parts.
Integrated with husker, the instrument is featured with compact structure, simple operation, large  sample capability, high unpolished rice yield, low  broken rice rate, good repetition and reliable  function.
Maximum Paddy Sample Berat : 250 g
Grinding Rice Sample Berat : 100/ 35 g
Roller Diameter : 80 mm
Emery Roller Diameter : 55, 75 mm
Turning Speed of Fast Roller : 2802r/min
Turning Speed of Slow Roller : 1657r/min
Turning Speed of Emery Roller : 2000r/min
Turning Speed of Wind Turbine : 8000r/mm
Grinding Time : Could Set as Required
Turning Speed of Motor : 2800r/min
Motor Power : 550W
Working Power Supply : AC 220±22V   50Hz
Berat : 30 kg

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